Niklas Zeeb

Founder & Dating Coach

“I will either find a way or make one.”















Fields of Expertise:  Dating, Confidence, Mindset, Limiting-Beliefs, Self-Discilpine

Occupation: Dating Coach & Growth-Seminars CEO

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At 18 Years old, Niklas experienced some of his worst years struggling with social anxiety and depression. His fear of people greatly diminished the joy he experienced in life and made it nearly impossible for him to meet women. After 6 years of studying the fields of psychology, personal development and dating, he turned his fear into one of his greatest companions.

For over a year now, Niklas has been a speaker and coach, teaching countless of men in various countries all over Europe on his insights in dating and personal development. Now, he expanded his field from dating to helping both men and women develop charismatic and confident leadership personalities. His mission is to take people from where they are to where they truly want to be: To the fulfillment of their ultimate dreams and goals, to be free in their expression and ultimately FREE from what blocks them most: FEAR.  

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