Public Speaking Event – Stuttgart April 21th


Lifestyle – relationships – purpose

What You’ll get from attending the event

Get Inspired

It is one thing to watch motivational YouTube videos. It is a completely different thing to see people who have already walked the path you are going on, feel the vibe, get overwhelmed by MOTIVATION.


Ever heard about individuals being “on their path” and purpose driven? Ever wondered why you weren’t? This is the opportunity to walk out of the seminar and INSTANTLY crush it in life.

Likeminded People

You attract who you are. Are you good enough to become a part of the tribe of aspiring, self-actualized people visiting our events? Without Like Minded People, you will fail.

“Niklas has a very authentic and direct personality. He’s very focused on details instead of just looking at surface level issues. He always provided me with good feedback, even if I had very specific questions about different Girls or when I was struggling what to do/write next.

He was motivated to listen attentively to my problem and always helped with a suitable solution. His coaching is very practical which is something that I found refreshing. I would definitively recommend it.” Sebastian B.

this event is for you if

…You want to improve your life by 1% every day

…You are a person with potential meant to be unleashed

…You want a life full of peak experiences


Niklas Zeeb (23)
Personal Development & Dating Coach

At 18 Years old, Niklas experienced some of his worst years struggling with social anxiety and depression. His fear of people greatly diminished the joy he experienced in life and made it nearly impossible for him to meet women. After 6 years of studying the fields of psychology, personal development and dating, he turned his fear into one of his greatest companions.

For over a year now, Niklas has been a speaker and coach, teaching countless of men in various countries all over europe on his insights in dating and personal development, helping men to become more successful with women by working on themselves.  

Phil Heitlinger (26)
Confidence Trainer

After Phil graduated from High-school seven years ago he found himself lost in life – no goals, no self – esteem and of course no purpose in life. He decided to stop living an average life and become a confident man! When he was only 19 years old he travelled the world for almost two years.

He worked in Sales in Australia, worked on a boat in Vietnam and visited the most beautiful Islands of South – East Asia. In Summer he works as a Club Promoter and Recruiter for Summer Jobs in Spain. He loves Steaks, girls, reading N.Y. – Times Best Sellers and helping others to build confidence and create a life they really want.

Simon Scannell (19)
Marketing Strategist & Digital Nomad

Simon started developing his personality not out of inspiration, but out of desperation. Forced to acknowledge his lack of social skills, self esteem and confidence, he delved deep into the world of Personal Development. On his journey, Simon encountered many great mentors, one of which will also be speaking at the event (Niklas).

After 2 years of battling his insecurities, he finally mustered up the courage to drop out of school and follow his dream of becoming a Marketing Strategist and live the digital nomad lifestyle.

What our attendees say

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more about growth seminars

If you’re like me, before you work with someone, you first want to know WHO that person is and WHAT that person does in his or her life.

One of the most important things, when I work with clients, is that I want us both to feel very comfortable working together. Let me tell you a few words about myself, so you have a better picture of who I am.

My name is Niklas and I’m a personal-development and dating coach. But enough of that now! Beyond my work and interests for the human mind and its workings, I’m also incredibly passionate about programming. In fact, I am a bachelors student of Computer-Science. I love to write code. Because I’m pretty much a nerd, I usually choose a night of computer-games or dungeons-and-dragons over going out for partying haha.

I also love to read books, and I’m someone that much rather hangs out with a few very good friends in front of a fireplace (having deep conversations about life and the universe ;P) than going out to huge social gatherings.

That’s not to say that I hate connecting with new people! However, I definitively feel a natural tendency to have my space and lone time. In fact, I used to love my lone time so much, that I thought my idea of life was completely incompatible with having success with women for most of my life (Let’s just say I turned out to be very wrong!!).

Beyond that, I’ve always loved the idea of teaching, which is why I’m a coach and speaker today. It’s one of my big life-goals to have other people strive for their dreams and goals. It hurts me to see people missing out on their potential – especially seeing it in loved ones – and that’s a big part in what I want to dedicate my life to: Getting people on THEIR journey so that they can reach their FULL potential. That’s where I want to leave my mark – that’s MY journey.

If you’d like to share some of your story, I’d be very interested in hearing from you. Just send me an Email at

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