Public Speaking Event – Frankfurt May 26th


Lifestyle – relationships – purpose

What You’ll get from attending the event

Get Inspired

Still stuck in your boring 9-5 job, searching for inspiration?

It is one thing to watch motivational YouTube videos. It is a completely different thing to see people who have already walked the path you are going on, feel the vibe, get overwhelmed by MOTIVATION.


Still searching for Your greater WHY in Life? 


Ever heard about individuals being “on their path” and purpose driven? Ever wondered why you weren’t? This is the opportunity to walk out of the seminar and INSTANTLY crush it in life.

Likeminded People

Find people to exchange value and grow together

You attract who you are. Are you good enough to become a part of the tribe of aspiring, self-actualized people visiting our events? Without Like Minded People, you will fail.

Sneak Peek into a Growth Seminars Event

Lifestyle – relationships – purpose

“We learned a lot. We met likeminded people. We exchanged a lot of ideas. If you want to learn about personal development or learn how to grow yourself as a person you should definitely come here.” Diego Hildago

this event is for you if

…You want to improve your life by 1% every day

…You are a person with potential meant to be unleashed

…You want a life full of peak experiences


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Niklas Zeeb

Confidence & Charisma Coach for

FOUNDER of Growth-Seminars

At 18 Years old, Niklas experienced some of his worst years struggling with social anxiety and depression. His fear of people greatly diminished the joy he experienced in life and made it nearly impossible for him to meet women. After 6 years of studying the fields of psychology, personal development and dating, he turned his fear into one of his greatest companions.

For over a year now, Niklas has been a speaker and coach, teaching countless of men in various countries all over Europe on his insights in dating and personal development. Now, he expanded his field from dating to helping both men and women develop charismatic and confident leadership personalities. His mission is to take people from where they are to where they truly want to be: To the fulfillment of their ultimate dreams and goals, to be free in their expression and ultimately FREE from what blocks them most: FEAR.    

Simon Scannell

Marketing Strategist & Digital Nomad

Marketing Manager of Growth-Seminars

Simon started developing his personality not out of inspiration, but out of desperation. Forced to acknowledge his lack of social skills, self esteem and confidence, he delved deep into the world of Personal Development. On his journey, Simon encountered many great mentors, one of which will also be speaking at the event (Niklas).

After 2 years of battling his insecurities, he finally mustered up the courage to drop out of school and follow his dream of becoming a Marketing Strategist and live the digital nomad lifestyle.

Phil Heitlinger

Confidence Trainer

TRAINER for Growth-Seminars

After Phil graduated from High-school seven years ago he found himself lost in life – no goals, no self – esteem and of course no purpose in life. He decided to stop living an average life and become a confident man! When he was only 19 years old he travelled the world for almost two years.

He worked in Sales in Australia, worked on a boat in Vietnam and visited the most beautiful Islands of South – East Asia. In Summer he works as a Club Promoter and Recruiter for Summer Jobs in Spain. He loves Steaks, girls, reading N.Y. – Times Best Sellers and helping others to build confidence and create a life they really want.

Bostjan Belingar

Author & Copywriter

Guest Speaker

Author of “The Player”, Youtuber, Internet Marketer and a self-dev geek. He traveled and worked with both RSD Max and Mario Tomic and is currently living in Barcelona, running a small email marketing agency.

Simultaneously, he’s been running an “underground Tony Robbins” Youtube channel and a blog called Bosslifehacks. He hangs with many world-class performers from various “Big Three” niches: health, wealth and relationships.

Bostjan knows most guys cannot balance all the “Big Three”, WHILE simultaneously enjoying a peace of mind. That’s why he’s running a coaching group called “Balanced Performance”, that is aimed to help guys CRUSH it while feeling fulfilled, no matter which stage of the journey they are on.

Mario Tomic

Fitness Coach

Guest Speaker

Mario Tomic is a fitness coach for high performers and has not skipped a workout in 8 years. Utilizing his self-discipline and mastery, he built himself a business where he can travel the world as a fitness coach. He has been to 51 countries so far. He releases free videos about personal development and fitness on his YouTube channel with ober 93.000 Subscribers.

Kilian Markert

Purpose & Habit Coach


From early childhood on, Kilian had a burning desire for questioning the status-quo, for learning about the world and growing as a person. After working for more than a year in the corporate business world and finding himself stuck in the rat race, he started to question the meaning behind everything he was doing. There had to be something more to life than an unfulfilling 9-to-5 job. After finishing his studies in Business, he decided to go all-in on his passions and focused on what gave him a sense of meaning. He regularly writes articles and interviews experts about philosophy, purpose, psychology, and personal growth. Kilian’s mission is to help others to become the best version of themselves by implementing healthy habits and design a life full of self-created meaning and fulfillment.

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Where tHe Event Will Take Place

The Event Location

The event will take place at the following address:  Haus der Jugend Deutschherrnufer 12 60594 Frankfurt

About the Location

about growth seminars

What is Growth-Seminars?

Growth-Seminars is a self-development plattform. The goal of Growth-Seminars is to establish an environment for people to learn, grow and exchange value with other likeminded people. Our Events range from workshops to public-speaking nights and personal coachings. Our events are focused on sharing ideas, inspiring stories and insights on the topics of: Lifestyle, Motivation, Spirituality, Purpose, Psychology, Business and many more. The easiest way to get to know us is to participate in one of our Public-Speaking Events. All you have to do there is to secure yourself a Ticket and let yourself be carried away by our speakers.

Why should I go to a Growth-Seminar Event?

Our events are a great way for you to find inspiration and to begin the journey of fulfilling your true potential. Personal-growth focues on the idea of self-actualization, which describes the very fulfillment of one’s potential. We believe that it’s our duty to help others restore their goals and dreams (even if they are long forgotten in the depths of their childhood!), to revitalize them and to get them to once again act and go after these dreams. So: Unless you’re already enjoying your dream-job, have already found the perfect mate for you, are 100% content with your financial situation and you are fully and 100% content with who you are on the inside – realize that there’s always growth to achieve! Our events are suited for everyone that’s passionate about sharing, growing and simply living.

Who can join Growth-Seminar Events?

Everyone! No matter who you are, you can freely secure your ticket TODAY and partake in our live events. Our events are suited for both people that are already interested in personal-growth, and those that have no idea what it even is! You don’t need any knowledge to attend our events. All you need is an interest to sit down and listen for a bit – and if you want, you can later on ask some questions and get to know our speakers personally!

Why did we start Growth-Seminars?

The reason we decided to launch Growth-Seminars is simple: We’re passionate about the idea of sharing and growing together with other people. We believe that there’s a lot more potential to be achieved. We believe that most people waste their lives in boring office-jobs that they don’t enjoy, drowning themselves with paper-work that they hate doing, and at the end of the day they’re coming home to their husband or wife that they don’t really love. We believe that by working on ourselves, by pursuing our naturally given talents and passion, it’s possible to achieve a life truly worth living.

Who’s the Team behind Growth-Seminars?

As far as who is behind Growth-Seminars goes: We are people just like you! We are a group of people that have been emerged in the fields of personal-growth, psychology, dating, spirituality and other fields for many years, and we are extremely passionate to share our insights and find people that are interested in also sharing their experience as well. We are a group of friends – passionate and cool people that you’ll hopefully get to know at our next event!

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