The secret to a fulfilling Dating-Life: Attracting incredible men & women and building meaningful relationships.

A Dating & Relationship Seminar by Growth-Seminars

An evening packed with rare insights on male and female attraction, love, relationships and social dynamics


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What can I expect from this event?

What You’ll get from attending the event

What Will You GET from attending?

Find an incredible boyfriend or girlfriend

The secret to WHERE and HOW to find the right partner for you

One of the most confusing questions in modern society is that of finding the right partner. We see many women struggling to find powerful, honest, upright and trustworthy men. In turn, many men struggle at meeting women in general, or attracting the type of women they really want. The solution to both of these problems lies in the following: Men and women both need a sustainable step-by-step system that makes meeting the right people in their life easy. Let our speakers reveal to you such a system….

Maintain healthy long-term relationships

Most relationships end after the glamorous first months are over…


When we have a new partner, everything seems perfect. Until it stops being perfect.
Many relationships take a turn, once the first few months are passing. Things normalize, and we begin to take our partner for granted. We begin to argue, and a lot of the excitement & tension has been replaced by frustration and uncertainty. This happens to ALL relationships that are missing one critical component…

Effortlessly build powerful friendships

You are the average of your 5 closest associates…

One thing is for sure: The myth that we are the average of our 5 closest associates is not just a myth, it’s arguable the most important factor in our personal development. Our quest then lies in finding and winning over the right people, so that we can become the person that we really want to be. Human beings are hard-wired to respond to specific patterns of behavior. When we understand exactly what to do, we can make friends with the most powerful people in a heartbeat…

this event is for you if

…You ever had painfully lonely nights being single and feeling left out for years

…You ever struggled in finding and dating the right type of men or women

…You want to create powerful relationships with incredible men and women in a heartbeat

…You want to build your friendships on authenticity, trust and genuine interest instead of superficial gimmicks

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For Women AND Men

We want to create something truly special and unique with this event and therefore will provide content that is suited for both men and women. In order to achieve this, we are going to invite a female speaker. This way you can gain insights from both genders and get a new understanding of the other side. It is our goal to get our participants to have an unreached understanding of the other gender.

What Women say about Growth Seminars

“We learned a lot. We met likeminded people. We exchanged a lot of ideas. If you want to learn about personal development or learn how to grow yourself as a person you should definitely come here.” Diego Hildago


Mario Tomic

Niklas Zeeb

Confidence & Charisma Coach for

FOUNDER of Growth-Seminars

At 18 Years old, Niklas experienced some of his worst years struggling with social anxiety and depression. His fear of people greatly diminished the joy he experienced in life and made it nearly impossible for him to meet women. After 6 years of studying the fields of psychology, personal development and dating, he turned his fear into one of his greatest companions.

For over a year now, Niklas has been a speaker and coach, teaching countless of men in various countries all over Europe on his insights in dating and personal development. Now, he expanded his field from dating to helping both men and women develop charismatic and confident leadership personalities. His mission is to take people from where they are to where they truly want to be: To the fulfillment of their ultimate dreams and goals, to be free in their expression and ultimately FREE from what blocks them most: FEAR.    

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Mario Tomic

Kilian Markert

Purpose & Habit Coach

CO-FOUNDER Growth Seminars

Kilian Markert is a coach for purpose and habits.
He helps others to become unshakably secure in who they are by overcoming limiting beliefs and develop a meaningful sense of direction in life by establishing powerful habits.

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Mario Tomic

Silas Dallmann

Social Skills Coach

CO-FOUNDER Growth Seminars

Silas grew up as a natural extrovert which made him party and go out most of his life. However, after years of maturing one belief manifested in him: Every person has an extroverted side in him and since then he has gotten a lot of meaning out of helping people build social circles and build real and meaningful friendships. His way of doing so begins with a journey within: Meditation, spirituality and visualization are his strongest skills.

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Mario Tomic

Isabelle Hubert


Guest Speaker

Isabelle is a highly energetic woman, loving mother and successful entrepreneur. Her passion and lust for life is contagious. She studied the cause and effect of energies and everything invisible to the eye since childhood. She realized the need for energetic polarity between the divine feminine and the sacred masculine. In the modern relationships of our time, this ancient principle of power and energy division has been lost. Women have to act like men in the business world and men don’t feel like men anymore because they lost their role as protector and don’t feel needed any longer. Isabelle fully embodies her feminine divinity and wants to encourage other women to discover their feminine beauty inside themselves and feel like a goddess.  

Mario Tomic

Simon Scannell

Marketing Strategist & Digital Nomad

Guest Speaker

Simon started developing his personality not out of inspiration, but out of desperation. Forced to acknowledge his lack of social skills, self esteem and confidence, he delved deep into the world of Personal Development. On his journey, Simon encountered many great mentors, one of which will also be speaking at the event (Niklas).

After 2 years of battling his insecurities, he finally mustered up the courage to drop out of school and follow his dream of becoming a Marketing Strategist and live the digital nomad lifestyle.

5 revolutionizing Speech topics

How to be good enough for your ideal partner: RIGHT NOW

The importance of effective communication for healthy relationships

How to build a social circle anywhere in the world

The dynamics of unhealthy relationships

Friendships that last forever

You are the average of your five closest friends. There is no better way to meet awesome people than at a personal-development seminar.

It is of supreme importance for Growth-Seminars to give attendees the opportunity to make amazing friends that will support them with every goal they have.

Snacks & Drinks.

Don’t worry about getting hungry at the event. We deliver several delicious snacks on silver plates on long tables just ready for you to be eaten. We will also have drinks for you. From refreshing, ice-cold crystal clear water to elegant sparkling wine.

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When & Where The event will be

City: Stuttgart
Date: July 8th
Time: 16:00 – 20:00 (Dinner with the speakers begins at 20:00 / 8pm) / 4pm to 8pm
Address: Arnulf-Klett-Platz 2, 70173 Stuttgart, Deutschland (Inside the tower of the main station, 6th floor. Directions will be given at the tower.)

The Event Location

MORE about growth seminars

What is Growth-Seminars?

Growth-Seminars is a self-development plattform. The goal of Growth-Seminars is to establish an environment for people to learn, grow and exchange value with other likeminded people. Our Events range from workshops to public-speaking nights and personal coachings. Our events are focused on sharing ideas, inspiring stories and insights on the topics of: Lifestyle, Motivation, Spirituality, Purpose, Psychology, Business and many more. The easiest way to get to know us is to participate in one of our Public-Speaking Events. All you have to do there is to secure yourself a Ticket and let yourself be carried away by our speakers.

Why should I go to a Growth-Seminar Event?

Our events are a great way for you to find inspiration and to begin the journey of fulfilling your true potential. Personal-growth focues on the idea of self-actualization, which describes the very fulfillment of one’s potential. We believe that it’s our duty to help others restore their goals and dreams (even if they are long forgotten in the depths of their childhood!), to revitalize them and to get them to once again act and go after these dreams. So: Unless you’re already enjoying your dream-job, have already found the perfect mate for you, are 100% content with your financial situation and you are fully and 100% content with who you are on the inside – realize that there’s always growth to achieve! Our events are suited for everyone that’s passionate about sharing, growing and simply living.

Who can join Growth-Seminar Events?

Everyone! No matter who you are, you can freely secure your ticket TODAY and partake in our live events. Our events are suited for both people that are already interested in personal-growth, and those that have no idea what it even is! You don’t need any knowledge to attend our events. All you need is an interest to sit down and listen for a bit – and if you want, you can later on ask some questions and get to know our speakers personally!

Why did we start Growth-Seminars?

The reason we decided to launch Growth-Seminars is simple: We’re passionate about the idea of sharing and growing together with other people. We believe that there’s a lot more potential to be achieved. We believe that most people waste their lives in boring office-jobs that they don’t enjoy, drowning themselves with paper-work that they hate doing, and at the end of the day they’re coming home to their husband or wife that they don’t really love. We believe that by working on ourselves, by pursuing our naturally given talents and passion, it’s possible to achieve a life truly worth living.

Who’s the Team behind Growth-Seminars?

As far as who is behind Growth-Seminars goes: We are people just like you! We are a group of people that have been emerged in the fields of personal-growth, psychology, dating, spirituality and other fields for many years, and we are extremely passionate to share our insights and find people that are interested in also sharing their experience as well. We are a group of friends – passionate and cool people that you’ll hopefully get to know at our next event!

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